The Circus Saints & Sinners Club of America is a charitable organization that got it's start back in the late 1920's. A writer for the New York World (later to become the New York Times), who covered circuses at Madison Square Garden, came upon an overworked 80-year-old wagon driver sprawled out on a bed of hay. He was too tired and weak to move. The writer, Freddie Benham, asked him "Why don't you quit?" There is no place for old circus folk to go was the sad reply. This was the inspiration for the start of the CS&SCA. Freddie Benham became the national president. This group provided financial assistance to old and down trodden circus performers. With the lack of circus performers in need in recent decades, the club evolved into a modern non-profit philanthropic organization benefiting a wide variety of charities over the years.

The Pittsburgh "Tent" got its start in 1949 as a businessman luncheon club that met at the William Penn Hotel. This club known as Pittsburgh Humpty Association was started by James T. Shea and Joseph J. New. In 1953 they applied for affiliation with the CS&SCA and a charter was granted for the new "Humpty Tent". This was the 14th chapter of the CS&SCA. This tent was later re-named as "The Bob Prince Tent" in 1985 in appreciation for all the service the "Gunner" provided.

Since the conception of this organization, men have gathered together to enjoy evenings of fun, food and drink while being re-acquainted with old and meeting new friends. Each year profits created from the functions have been generously given to numerous charities. We ask you to be numbered with us and enjoy great nights of fun and continue our tradition of giving to those less fortunate.

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